VTR 80%
for your
or It’s Free.

MetricsMonster™ is the first View Through Booster.

A ViewThroughBooster is a media solution
– specifically designed to improve the VTR of your pre-roll campaigns –
that guarantees the result contractually.

MetricsMonster ™ increases the metrics of your media plan, ensuring a VTR always above 80%.

Make a good impression with a client

Save in extremis a weak media plan

Guarantee the best editorial context for your Client, on authoritative Brand Safe content.

Surprise a newly acquired client by immediately offering an increase in metrics compared to the previous agency


MetricsMonster™ guarantees the results contractually: if we do not reach the promised metrics, we will pay double the impressions you buy.


MetricsMonster™makes your clients happy – guaranteeing the best possible service to the final advertiser, just as you like it and you’re used to doing it


MetricsMonster™ saves you hours of optimization, freeing up time for the quality work you’ve always dreamed of and making you fall in love with this work.


MetricsMonster™ guarantees the best publishing context for the final Advertiser spots: only professional productions, highly qualitative, in Brand Safe.

How do you ensure a higher VTR?

The user’s attention is the rarest and most precious asset of our times.
Wherever they are multiplying invasive formats, side video bars, video out-stream,
Related video-overlays from any navigation. These formats not only strongly irritate
the user and damage the perception of the Brand but the user tends
to close/skip/avoid them.

MetricsMonster™ chose the hardest route avoiding “easy” traffic
in favor of a format actually used by users.

The user is willing to fully view our commercials because we offer:


True Editorial Integration: no post-media formats. Our formats are integrated, personalized, within the publisher’s website, being perceived as part of the same.


True Coherence of Context: The right content, for the right site, for the right user.


The result is that we guarantee true attention to your pre-roll.


True Value Content: no user generated content, no images with audio commentaries, no amateur productions, no fake content only to generate video traffic. We offer only professional video productions, with absolute rights, designed for the web.


True Pre-roll: we only process in-stream formats.

What sites do my commercials end up on?

Only on premium and vertical sites, of which we provide a complete white-list,
within the top 100 Italian sites. Long tail and not brand safe contexts are banned.
By providing video content, we activate audiences that are not already on the market,
allowing you to reach additional targets.
The delivery takes place in a proprietary format, developed by us
and exclusive to us, with a minimum size of 533x300 pixels.
We offer the First Absolute Call.

MetricsMonster ™ can be planned both in Programmatic and in Traditional Reservation; on a given basis or for macro vertical channels.

“Result or … we return the double”

MetricsMonster ™ – the viewthrough boosterguarantees contractually the achievement of a VTR higher than 80% on all the pre-roll campaigns up to 20″ on the shared sites list.
Contractually, if we cannot guarantee your campaign a vtr> 80%:

We will apologize by returning the impressions necessary to achieve this VTR as a gift in the subsequent planning of the same investor.

In addition, we will pay for twice as many impressions purchased in the campaign in question without any expiry date.

Complete Terms and Conditions

The warranty applies, automatically and without any discretion on the part of MetricsMonster, under the following conditions:

  • pre-roll campaigns whose creativity does not exceed 20″.
  • purchase method: deal-id.
  • channel delivery, not whitelisting.

At MetricsMonster’s discretion, this warranty may be extended to campaigns that do not meet these requirements by explicit notice during deal negotiation. The View Through Rate (hereinafter “VTR”) will be detected through the systems (SSP) of MetricsMonster ltd.

At the end of the campaign, if the VTR on a guaranteed campaign is less than 80%, MetricsMonster  undertakes to:

  • offer twice as  many impressions as necessary to bring the average REV of the campaign in question to the guaranteed value. This gift will be explained in a subsequent plan of the same end investor, even on different products.