Editorial Integration Examples


The MastHead format is the most successful format, appreciated by many publishers for its ability to easily integrate with different layouts. It is always customized in color to match the graphics of the site.


The Expandable Player only opens when there is advertising creativity. Here is an example of Expandable

Here is an example of Expandable

In Article

The InArticle Solution is hosted within the article and does not occupy masthead positions.

Here is an example of InArticle

The Player's Behavior

MetricsMonster is designed to ensure the most comfortable navigation for your readers.


Audio OFF & Mouse-Over - Unless otherwise requested by the publisher, MetricsMonster is set to Audio OFF so as not to disturb the user's browsing experience. Audio is activated either by hovering over the mouse or manually by the user.


Minimum Invasiveness - When the spot would not be visible on the page, an overlay window is shown. The size of the overlay window is designed not to disturb the navigation of the player. The position is configurable according to the needs of the publisher. The video contents subsequent to the spots are NOT occupying the window, which will remain visible only for the few seconds of the pre-roll without disturbing the player.


Real Content for Your Readers - Unlike other competing solutions, we offer the reader real quality content in exchange for attention to advertising spots. Be wary of those who only offer spots, who are disturbing your reader without offering anything in return..


No "junk" to disturb your user! - Have you ever opened a page, heard an annoying sound and not understood where it came from? That's it, it doesn't happen with us.


No "junk" that covers the navigable area As a user, what do you think when you enter a site and you open a huge video popup, which covers much of the text and prevents you from browsing? Here, do you really want your readers to think about you in that way?


No amateur productions, user generated content and other "junk"- your reader visits your site for your content. Why tarnish your reputation with low quality content typical of video syndication? Fashion shows, kitten videos, documentaries...

Mobile format:

Simplicity and efficiency


The first rule of integration in mobile navigation is Respect the user. That's why our format:

  1. It is aslight as possible, without frames or other graphic elements not essential for the use of content.
  2. The video contents are totally ClickToPlay in order not to impact the data plan of the user.